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Impact v10.1

Impact Tables

Add custom tables/lists for your industry specific information.

There are hundreds of ways you can customize Act! to match how your team works! Adding tables enables you to capture, list, and summarize information required for your industry. Data stored in the tables can be searched, analyzed and merged. These tables are production ready tables. What's new

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Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Bringing production and CRM together

Project Tracking - Time Management - Billable Hours - Bids - Inventory - Expenses - Payments - Assets - Photographs - Recipes Support Tickets - Serial Numbers - Policies - Events - Timelines - Reservations - Donations - Equipment - Pledges - Product Bundling over 30 templates to start with or create your own

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

30+ Custom Lists Templates

Impact allows you to create new lists such as invoices, bids, inventory and billable hours directly in your database. Shared policy numbers with all users on the network. Import your lists from existing Microsoft Excel files. Start with one of our 30+ templates or create one for yourself.
Help Topic: Custom Tables | Import Wizard | Pre-designed Templates    

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Robust In-List Filtering

The in-line filter and query builder allows you to design a single or a multi condition (advanced) query. A query is a method of filtering the list. Once you have designed a query, the list will be filtered on those conditions.
Help Topic: In-line Filters

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Powerful Data-Entry Designer

Building your data-entry form will never be easier. We have 18 standard field types such as character, date, decimal, memo, numbers and yes/no fields to choice from. We have included parent-child fields, container controls like tabs and group boxes, custom controls for multi-line, currency or incremental number generation.
Help Topic: Data-entry Designer

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

In-Depth Document Merging

Impact allows users to create documents based on templates designed using Microsoft Word. Impact has an add-on designer for MS Word to simple access all the fields in the ACT database. The templates can merge any information in a custom table and/or the parent contact records. Word templates can also be converted to PDF.
Help Topic: Document Merging    

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Math Functions for data-entry

Math Functions: Sum or count values in columns directly on the screen. No need to run complex reports. All ACT! addons support math functions built into each column like displaying the group counts "State: NY (11 contacts)" or currency total "Totals for  Sales Team Alpha ($156,000)". These functions can add totals and counts at the bottom of each column of any field using aggregate function including: Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, StdDeviation, ValueCount
Help Topic: Math Functions    

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Color Coded List using 'Color Rules'

Color rules are designed to colorize records for rows that match a condition. Color rules can be based on text condition like the one below. In this color rule we are making all rows blue where the word "Triumph" appears in the MAKE column.
Help Topic: Color Rules    

Reusable Reports of Any Type: Impact Report Designer

Central Administrator Panel

Administer the add-on from any workstation. Simply log into the ACT database as the database administrator and set each users designer, runtime or bypassed setting.
Help Topic: Network Administration